Wie man das richtige Parfüm auswählt

Buying perfume: How to choose the right perfume

Buying perfume: How to choose the right perfume

Welches Parfum passt am besten zu mir?

1. choose your fragrance type

Before you buy a perfume, you should know your fragrance type. Do you like fresh, floral, oriental or woody scents? If you are unsure, visit a perfumery and test different scents to find your preferred fragrance type.

2. consider the occasion

Another important factor in choosing the right perfume is the occasion you want to wear it for. Fresh, light fragrances are suitable for daytime, while sensual and intense scents are better for evening. If you are looking for a perfume for the workplace, you should choose more subtle scents.

3. try the perfume on your skin.

It is important to try the perfume on your skin to make sure it matches your body odor. Apply the perfume on your wrist or arm and wait for a few minutes to observe the fragrance development. Avoid trying multiple scents at the same time, as this can interfere with scent perception.

4. pay attention to the fragrance notes

Perfumes are made up of different fragrance notes that change over time. The top note is the first impression that the perfume gives. The heart note is the main scent and the base note is the long lasting scent. Make sure that all three notes harmonize and match your style.

5. choose the right concentration

Perfumes come in different concentrations: Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and Parfum. The higher the concentration, the more intense and longer lasting the scent. Choose the concentration that suits your needs and budget.


Buying the right perfume can be a challenge, but with a few tips you can make sure you find the perfect one. Choose your fragrance type, consider the occasion, try the perfume on your skin, pay attention to the scent notes and choose the right concentration. With these steps, you can make sure you find a perfume that suits your style, body odor and budget.

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