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Chogan Luxury Parfüm

Why Chogan?

Chogan is not about simple Fragrance Twins. Chogan fragrances are unique. Chogan sources its fragrance essences directly from Fragworld in France. This guarantees the highest quality and allows to create unique fragrances that last long and do not evaporate. Discover the unique fragrances of Chogan and convince yourself of their quality.

Chogan Luxury Parfüm

Why is the fragrance so identical?

Chogan perfumes contains FIRSTCLASS Fragrance essences. In Italy, the fragrance essences are processed without the addition of water and chemical fixatives to intensify the fragrance and increase its durability. Discover the long-lasting fragrances of Chogan and see for yourself their uniqueness.

Chogan Luxury Parfüm

Why are the fragrances so cheap?

Chogan fragrances are of the highest quality and contain more Fragrance essence and nature Ingredients than many other brands. Chogan does not rely on worldwide and expensive advertising campaigns. This allows prices to be more affordable without sacrificing quality.

Chogan Parfüm Qualität

"Extrait de Parfum"

Chogan perfumes are made of 30% perfume essence extract, which gives them unparalleled intensity and ensures that the fragrance lasts a long time. They belong to the category "Extrait de Parfum", the highest in Parfum Segment